Indulge in a Refreshing Iced Coffee Recipe Today!

Are you a coffee lover searching for the perfect iced coffee recipe? Look no further because I have the easiest recipe for you! Whether you enjoy your coffee strong or sweet, this recipe is perfect for everyone.

As a barista, I understand the importance of a good cup of coffee, and this iced coffee recipe is nothing short of amazing. The best part about this recipe is that it requires only a few simple ingredients that you most likely already have in your pantry.

With just a cup of ice cubes and some instant coffee granules, you can make a refreshing cup of iced coffee right in the comfort of your own home. This recipe is perfect for those summer afternoons when all you need is a cold drink to cool down.

So, why spend money at overpriced coffee shops when you can make delicious iced coffee at home in just minutes? With this easy recipe, you’ll be sipping on the perfect iced coffee in no time. Get ready to impress your friends and family with your newfound barista skills!

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

The Easiest Iced Coffee
The Easiest Iced Coffee

If you’re a coffee-lover who’s looking for an easy and refreshing way to cool off this summer, then you’ll absolutely love this iced coffee recipe. Here are some reasons why:

Firstly, making iced coffee at home using this recipe is incredibly quick and easy. You don’t need any fancy equipment or complicated ingredients – all you need is some instant coffee granules, warm water, ice cubes, and your preferred optional additions like milk or syrup.

Secondly, this recipe will save you a ton of money in the long run. Buying iced coffee from cafes or stores can quickly add up and cost a fortune. But with this recipe, you can make a delicious and refreshing cup of iced coffee right at your home for a fraction of the price.

Thirdly, our recipe is so versatile that it can be easily customized to suit your individual taste preferences. Want to switch up your usual vanilla-flavoured iced coffee with something more exciting like a mocha flavour? No problem- simply add in cocoa powder or chocolate syrup and voila! You have yourself a delicious mocha iced coffee.

Lastly, this recipe is the perfect low-carb/keto-friendly alternative to traditional sugary frappes or frozen drinks. With just some cream, ice cubes, and your preference of sweetener such as condensed milk or stevia, you can make a delicious blended iced coffee that’s both satisfying and guilt-free.

So what are you waiting for? Make yourself a refreshing batch of our iced coffee today!

Ingredient List

 Sip on this - the perfect pick-me-up for a hot day!
Sip on this – the perfect pick-me-up for a hot day!

Ingredient list for the easiest iced coffee recipe:

  • Instant coffee granules: To make this easy iced coffee, you’ll need 2 tablespoons of instant coffee granules. It’s important to use instant coffee for this recipe as it dissolves easily in water without leaving any residue. You can use decaf instant coffee if you prefer.

  • Warm water: You’ll need to mix the instant coffee granules with 2 tablespoons of warm water. It doesn’t need to be boiling hot, just warm enough to dissolve the granules.

  • Ice cubes: To make a cold and refreshing iced coffee, you’ll need 1 cup of ice cubes. You can add more or less depending on how strong you want your drink to be.

  • Cold water: Once you’ve mixed the instant coffee and warm water mixture, add in 2 cups of cold water to make the coffee base.

  • Optional ingredients: This easy iced coffee recipe is customizable, so you can add your favorite ingredients based on your preference. Some optional ingredients include half-and-half, vanilla syrup, mocha syrup, or coconut extract. You can also make a keto-friendly version by swapping regular condensed milk with a low-carb alternative like almond milk or heavy cream.

The Recipe How-To

 This iced coffee will have you feeling like a barista in no time.
This iced coffee will have you feeling like a barista in no time.

Now that you have all the required ingredients, let’s learn How to make this easiest iced coffee recipe! You will need a blender, a measuring cup, and a spoon for stirring.

Step 1: Brew the Coffee

Begin by brewing 1 cup of coffee with either a coffee maker or by dissolving 2 teaspoons of instant coffee granules in warm water. Make sure the coffee is at room temperature or colder before you proceed to the next step. If you want to use cold-brewed coffee instead, that also works perfectly fine.

Step 2: Add Ice

Take 1 cup of ice cubes and add them to the blender. For a stronger coffee flavor, use less ice cubes; for weaker coffee flavor, use more ice cubes.

Step 3: Pour Coffee

Add the brewed coffee into the blender with the ice cubes. You can also add any additional flavors at this point, such as vanilla syrup or coco powder for mocha flavor.

Step 4: Blend It All Together

Blend all three ingredients until everything is fully combined, thick and frothy.

Step 5: Serve and Enjoy

Now, take a glass full of ice cubes pour the blended iced coffee on top. And there it is- the refreshing easy iced coffee that took less than five minutes to make! If you’d like to make it even fancier or keto friendly, add some whipped cream and a drop of vanilla extract to make your own custom blend.

Now go ahead and be your own barista with this simple recipe!

Substitutions and Variations

 Who needs a coffee shop when you can have a delicious homemade iced coffee?
Who needs a coffee shop when you can have a delicious homemade iced coffee?

When it comes to making iced coffee, there are many ways to customize the recipe to suit your taste preferences. Whether you prefer a stronger coffee flavor, a hint of sweetness, or a dairy-free option, here are some substitutions and variations for you to try:

● Substitute instant coffee with cold brew coffee: If you have more time on your hands and want to make a richer and smoother iced coffee, then try cold brewing your coffee overnight. Simply mix together 2 cups of coarsely ground coffee with 4 cups of water and refrigerate for at least 12 hours. Once the time is up, strain the coffee through a cheesecloth or fine-mesh sieve and pour over ice.

● Stronger flavor with espresso: For those who crave an extra jolt of caffeine and a bolder flavor, substitute instant coffee granules with espresso shots. Instead of dissolving the coffee in warm water, brew two shots of espresso and let it cool down before pouring over ice.

● Vegan-friendly version: Swap dairy milk with coconut milk for an extra creamy texture that’s also vegan-friendly. You can also add coconut extract or syrup for a hint of tropical flavor.

● Low-carb keto option: If you’re following a low-carb or keto diet, then substitute sugar with a natural sugar substitute like stevia or monk fruit sweetener. You can also use heavy cream instead of half-and-half for a richer taste.

● Frappe variation: For those who love blended drinks, turn this iced coffee recipe into a frappe by blending it with ice cubes until smooth. You can also add condensed milk or chocolate syrup for a mocha-flavored treat.

Experimenting with different substitutions and variations is part of the fun when it comes to making iced coffee at home. Don’t be afraid to get creative and find your perfect cup!

Serving and Pairing

 Cool off and stay energized with this easy and refreshing recipe.
Cool off and stay energized with this easy and refreshing recipe.

This easy and refreshing iced coffee recipe pairs well with a wide range of sweet or savory indulgences. The added advantage of serving this drink is that it not only quenches your thirst but also provides you with a caffeine boost, perfect for those hot summer afternoons.

Pair this iced coffee with sweet treats like scones, muffins, or croissants for a delightful breakfast or brunch. For those with a sweet tooth, drizzle in some vanilla syrup or mocha to create a dessert-like coffee experience.

For savory pairings, go for something light and fresh like a chicken wrap or salad, which complements the iced coffee’s zesty flavors perfectly. This drink is also ideal for happy hour, pairing well with snacks like nachos or popcorn while watching your favorite movie.

In terms of serving, to make the perfect presentation of the iced coffee, pour it over a tall glass filled with ice cubes and add coconut milk or whipped cream on top if desired. This recipe is perfect for sharing; serve it with a pitcher and let each person add their preferred flavors.

Whether at home or work, this drink will be a hit. Your guests will undoubtedly thank you for serving it up on hot days. So get ready to enjoy a tasty drink that will invigorate your senses and quench your thirst!

Make-Ahead, Storing and Reheating

 Say goodbye to watered down iced coffee - this recipe will keep your drink cold without sacrificing flavor.
Say goodbye to watered down iced coffee – this recipe will keep your drink cold without sacrificing flavor.

Are you someone who likes to be prepared for the week ahead? Then you’ll be happy to know that this iced coffee recipe can be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge for up to a week. Simply prepare a batch on Sunday night and you’ll have delicious iced coffee ready to go for those hectic mornings.

To store, pour the iced coffee into an airtight container and place it in the fridge. When you’re ready to drink, simply pour it into a glass filled with ice and your favorite accompaniments.

Reheating cold coffee can be a bit tricky, as it can become watered down or lose its flavor. However, with this recipe, you can easily reheat your coffee without any problems. Just pour the desired amount of coffee into a mug and microwave for 20-30 seconds or until warm.

Now you can enjoy your homemade iced coffee all week long – whether it’s first thing in the morning or as an afternoon pick-me-up. Say goodbye to overpriced coffee house drinks and hello to delicious homemade iced coffee.

Tips for Perfect Results

 Nothing says summer like a tall glass of iced coffee made just the way you like it.
Nothing says summer like a tall glass of iced coffee made just the way you like it.

To make the perfect iced coffee, there are some essential tips you should keep in mind. First, always use the best quality coffee beans, whether it is instant or brewed coffee. The flavor of your coffee will depend entirely on the quality of your beans.

Secondly, when making iced coffee, try to avoid using too much ice. Adding too many ice cubes will dilute the coffee and lead to a tasteless drink. Instead, opt for larger ice cubes or use less of them.

Another important tip is to chill your coffee at room temperature before pouring it over the ice. If you pour hot coffee onto the ice, it will melt quickly and dilute your drink. Chilling your coffee first helps to prevent this from happening.

When making instant iced coffee, add an extra scoop of instant coffee granules for a stronger flavor. Also, consider adding a dash of extract such as vanilla or coconut to enhance the overall flavor.

For a creamier iced coffee, consider adding some half-and-half or condensed milk to give it a richer texture. Alternatively, you can also swap out regular milk for almond milk, soy milk or oat milk for a vegan option.

Lastly, experiment with different toppings such as whipped cream or chocolate syrup or blend with ice cream for an indulgent treat. With these tips in mind, you can make delicious and perfect iced coffees every time!


As a barista, I understand that making the perfect iced coffee can be a little tricky. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help guide you through any hiccups you may encounter while making this recipe. Read on for answers to some common questions that may arise during the process.

What is the best way to make iced coffee at home?

As a barista, I suggest brewing your preferred coffee and letting it cool down to room temperature. Once it’s cooled, you can serve it by filling a glass with ice and pouring the cooled coffee over it. This simple recipe can be customized according to your taste buds. Feel free to add flavored syrups or milk to enhance the taste of your iced coffee.

How do you make coffee iced fast?

For a quick and delicious iced coffee, a popular technique known as the “Japanese iced coffee” involves brewing hot coffee directly over a cup of ice. This method preserves the acidity of the coffee while making it cold, so you can enjoy it right away.

What should I put in my iced coffee?

As a barista, I can guide you on how to make delicious coffee with an extra twist of flavor. There are various options to choose from, including mint extract, vanilla extract, and coconut extract. You can add these extracts to your coffee according to your taste preference.

If you’re looking for a vegan alternative to dairy milk, coconut milk and almond milk are great options. They are also lactose-free and have a creamy texture that creates a taste sensation when mixed with coffee. For something extra sweet, sweetened condensed milk does the trick.

For an ice-cold coffee drink, coffee ice cubes are the perfect solution. Simply freeze some brewed coffee in an ice tray and add them to your iced coffee for an intense coffee flavor that won’t get watered down.

If you’re feeling indulgent, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to your freshly brewed hot coffee – it’s the perfect pick-me-up. The ice cream melts and mixes with the coffee to create a rich and creamy beverage that will put a smile on your face.

How do you make iced coffee from regular coffee?

To make a delightful iced coffee, take the brewed coffee and pour it over a pitcher full of ice. Make sure to mix it properly for the ideal balance of flavor. When done, serve it on a glass filled with ice. Remember, to get the best taste, fill your cup with at least ¾ ice and add the coffee while stirring it.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this easy iced coffee recipe can be made at home with just a few ingredients, and is perfect for those hot summer days or when you need an afternoon pick-me-up. Whether you prefer using instant coffee granules, cold brew coffee, or brewed coffee, this recipe is versatile and scalable to fit your needs. You can even add your favorite flavors like vanilla syrup, mocha, or extract coconut to create your own unique iced coffee.

With this recipe, you don’t need to spend a lot of money at coffee shops or wait in long lines for your favorite iced coffee. By making it at home, you have full control over the ingredients and can even make it keto-friendly or low-carb by using substitutes like half-and-half or condensed milk.

So why not give this recipe a try? With just a few simple steps, you can make delicious iced coffee from the comfort of your own home. Cheers to good coffee and happy sipping!

The Easiest Iced Coffee

The Easiest Iced Coffee Recipe

You'll want to save coffee in the morning for this delicious iced coffee in the evening. Be adventuresome - try different flavored creams. I keep mine in one of those Tupperware shaker containers.
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Prep Time 1 min
Cook Time 0 mins
Course Beverage
Cuisine Global
Calories 120.6 kcal


  • 1 1/2 cups iced coffee
  • 1/4 cup flavored coffee creamer
  • 5 -6 ice cubes


  • Put coffee, cream and ice in a shaker bottle.
  • Shake well and enjoy.

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Serving: 523gCalories: 120.6kcalCarbohydrates: 2.2gProtein: 2gFat: 11.7gSaturated Fat: 7.2gCholesterol: 39.6mgSodium: 34.3mgSugar: 0.1g
Keyword < 15 Mins, Beverages, Easy, Low Cholesterol, Low Protein, Very Low Carbs
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