A village for vaping, culture and leisure

A new concept venue for vaper and others. Spacious and comfortable, 250 square meters on two levels, it wants to become a point of reference and aggregation. As the name suggests, the Vape Village in Milan will be a meeting place for vaping but not only: space for art, culture and events. A sort of circle but with free access for everyone. The inauguration is scheduled for 6 pm tomorrow, Thursday 15, in progress in Independence 2 in Milan. White and blue are the dominant colors chosen by the architect Cesare Varalli to give elegance and airiness in every corner of the room and recall the Italian pavilion of Expo 2015.

“The restaurant is on two levels – explains Dario Pelizzari – The lower floor is a real living room with sofas and comfortable seats, designed for vaping but also for organizing and hosting meetings , conferences, events and theme nights of various kinds. A meeting point in the round. The showcases show all the “tools of the trade”, from the most basic to the most expensive and sophisticated, in a truly surprising range of varieties “.

boom – continues Andrea Pontiggia – the vape sector suffered a collapse of interest and market that was addressed above all abroad and then recovered last year also following Veronesi’s interview in favor of digital cigarettes and the recent regulation of the category “.

Vaping has now become a new trend also of custom, today it has a transversal diffusion between young and less, ex-smokers and not, men and women. Born as a “healthy alternative” to the classic blonde – in England the National Authority has encouraged the use of electronic cigarettes in the smoking cessation pathways of anti-smoking centers – it has then created a life of its own so much to count a true community of enthusiasts all over the world. In Italy 10 percent of vaper are called “amateurs” or “collectors”.

Vaping in pregnancy: can it really be?

Vaping in pregnancy: here is the study
In the United Kingdom, the UK Center for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies , a network comprising 13 British universities , has launched a monitoring program for thousands of women smokers who, during pregnancy, traditional cigarettes will be replaced with the electronic cigarette . Study that will also follow the development of children up to two years of age, to check if this system has affected their health and, if so, in what way.

In fact, it has been ascertained that smoking during pregnancy remains one of the first preventable causes of mortality in newborns and mothers.

Pregnancy: the electronic cigarette does less harm than tobacco
Linda Bauld , deputy director of the Center and professor of health policy at the University of Stirling, said that in the last 5 years increasingly negative attitudes towards electronic cigarettes have been adopted, when instead it would be useful to encourage their spread , as the public health experts.

There is no doubt that the smoke produced by the electronic cigarette cannot cause the same damage as the traditional cigarette, and that the former is therefore preferable to the latter, especially in a delicate moment such as pregnancy, when one should not smoke at all.

Despite the fact that electronic cigarettes have not yet been included among the medical devices useful for encouraging the abandonment of cigarette smoking, it is however preferable to encourage smokers who have difficulty stopping to use vaping instead of traditional cigarettes and encourage them if they confess to resorting to to this method to avoid smoking.