Irresistible Frozen Coffee Crunch Dessert Recipe

Indulge in a delectable coffee-inspired dessert with our Frozen Coffee Crunch recipe. This frozen treat combines creamy vanilla ice cream with a rich coffee crunch, creating the perfect balance of flavors and texture that will leave you wanting more.

If you’re a coffee lover, this recipe is for you. The instant coffee crystals add a bold and robust flavor to the ice cream base while the crunch topping offers a satisfying texture that complements the creamy goodness of the vanilla ice cream. It’s a dessert that’s sure to impress any guest or satisfy your sweet tooth any day of the week.

Whether you’re looking to impress at your next dinner party or simply craving a unique, coffee-inspired dessert, this Frozen Coffee Crunch recipe is the perfect solution. Follow along with our step-by-step instructions and make your own batch today.

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

Frozen Coffee Crunch Dessert
Frozen Coffee Crunch Dessert

If you’re a coffee lover and enjoy trying new dessert recipes, then the frozen coffee crunch dessert recipe is an absolute must-try! This recipe combines the rich and flavorful taste of coffee with creamy and cold vanilla ice cream all while creating a delightful crunchy texture. Here’s why we think you’ll love this recipe:

Firstly, it’s incredibly easy to make. It requires only a few simple ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen pantry. All you need is ice cream, instant coffee crystals, hot water, corn syrup, and coffee crunch. With these ingredients, you can create an indulgent dessert that will impress your guests.

Secondly, this recipe is perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or simply treating yourself after a long day at work, this frozen coffee crunch dessert recipe is sure to impress. The irresistible crunch of coffee mixed with the smooth and creamy texture of vanilla ice cream will leave you feeling satisfied and craving more.

Thirdly, this recipe can be customized to your liking. If you prefer a stronger coffee flavor, simply add more instant coffee crystals or brewed coffee into the mix. You can also substitute low-fat vanilla ice cream for regular ice cream if you want to cut down on the calories. Experimenting with different variations of this recipe allows you to tailor it to your taste preferences.

Lastly, this frozen coffee crunch dessert is perfect for cooling down on a hot summer day or as a sweet treat on a chilly evening at home. Its versatile nature makes it an ideal dessert for every season.

In conclusion, this frozen coffee crunch dessert recipe checks all the boxes for an exceptional dessert – it’s quick and easy to make, customizable to suit individual tastes, and perfect for any occasion or season. What are you waiting for? Grab your ingredients and whip up one of the most delicious desserts ever created!

Ingredient List

 Decadent layers of creamy coffee goodness.
Decadent layers of creamy coffee goodness.

To create this decadent Frozen Coffee Crunch dessert, gather the following ingredients:

  • 1 quart of low-fat vanilla ice cream, softened
  • 2 tablespoons instant coffee crystals
  • 1 tablespoon hot water
  • ¾ cup of coffee crunch, divided (see recipe for coffee crunch below)
  • 4 cups Cool Whip or whipped cream
  • 1 can (14 ounces) sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 package (8 ounces) cream cheese, softened
  • ¾ cup brewed coffee, chilled
  • ¾ cup corn syrup
  • Maraschino cherries and chocolate-covered espresso beans(optional garnish)

Ingredients for Coffee Crunch:

  • 2 cups granulated sugar
  • 1 tbsp. unsalted butter
  • 1/4 cup cold coffee
  • 1/4 cup Blum’s Coffee Toffee Crunch flavouring (or any flavourings you prefer)

Note: To make this recipe dairy-free, use dairy-free ice cream and coconut whipped cream.

The Recipe How-To

 A deliciously crunchy and satisfying dessert.
A deliciously crunchy and satisfying dessert.

Now that you have gathered all of the necessary ingredients, it’s time to get started on making the delicious Frozen Coffee Crunch Dessert. Follow these simple steps to create a perfect end result.

Step 1: Prepare the Coffee Crunch

In a small bowl, dissolve 2 tablespoons of instant coffee crystals in 1 tablespoon hot water. In another bowl, combine 8 chocolate crisp cookies, crushed and crumbled, with 1/4 cup corn syrup, and 2 tablespoons cold coffee. Add dissolved coffee to this mixture and stir until blended.

Step 2: Make the Cream Cheese Filling

Mix together 3/4 cup milk coffee, 75 ounces condensed milk, and 4 cups low-fat vanilla ice cream, softened. Add 8 ounces of cream cheese, also softened, to the mixture and blend well.

Step 3: Layer It Up

In a 9-inch square cake pan, layer half of the cream cheese filling first followed by half of the coffee crunch mixture. Repeat layers with remaining filling and crunch.

Step 4: Freeze for Perfect Results

Cover the pan using plastic wrap and freeze for at least 8 hours or until firm. When ready to serve, let it rest for a few minutes in room temperature so you can easily cut into squares.

Enjoy your delicious Frozen Coffee Crunch Dessert topped with whipped cream and garnished with maraschino cherries!

Substitutions and Variations

 The perfect pick-me-up for any coffee lover!
The perfect pick-me-up for any coffee lover!

If you want to switch up this recipe a bit, there are plenty of substitutions and variations that can suit your taste preferences. Here are a few ideas:

– Swap out the low-fat vanilla ice cream for your favorite flavor. Whether it’s chocolate, strawberry, or mint chip, any type of ice cream can work well in this recipe.

– Use different types of instant coffee crystals to create unique flavor combinations. Try mocha or caramel-flavored crystals for a twist on traditional coffee.

– Add in different mix-ins to the coffee crunch layer. Crushed oreo cookies, praline crunch, or toffee bits can all add some extra texture and sweetness to the dessert.

– Customize the topping of the dessert with your favorite garnishes. Instead of maraschino cherries, try fresh berries or chocolate shavings.

Remember that some substitutions may alter the texture and consistency of the final product, but don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works best for you. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a delicious frozen coffee crunch dessert!

Serving and Pairing

 A frozen treat that is sure to impress.
A frozen treat that is sure to impress.

The Frozen Coffee Crunch Dessert Recipe is the perfect ending to a summer meal or any time when you need a lighter dessert option. Make sure to serve it frozen for the optimal crunch experience. You can also add toppings such as whipped cream, chocolate chips, or maraschino cherries to take your dessert game to the next level.

When it comes to pairing this dessert, I recommend serving it with a cup of hot coffee to balance the chilled sweetness of the dish. A mocha coffee would be particularly delightful since it complements the chocolate notes in this recipe. Alternatively, a glass of cold milk could provide a refreshing contrast to the warm coffee.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to pair this dessert with something alcoholic, serve it alongside a coffee-house-inspired cocktail like a White Russian or Espresso Martini.

No matter how you choose to serve and pair your Frozen Coffee Crunch Dessert, I guarantee that every bite will be filled with creamy ice cream, crunchy bits of sweet coffee, and a perfect layer of crushed cookies.

Make-Ahead, Storing and Reheating

 Treat yourself to a dessert that is both indulgent and refreshing.
Treat yourself to a dessert that is both indulgent and refreshing.

This frozen coffee crunch dessert can be perfectly prepared ahead of time and stored in the freezer for quick and easy serving whenever needed. Once you have made the dessert, it will need to freeze for at least 4 hours or overnight before serving.

The dessert can easily be stored in an airtight container for up to two weeks, without compromising on its delicious taste and creamy texture. Ensure that the container is tightly covered to prevent any ice crystals from forming on the surface.

When reheating, carefully remove the dessert from the freezer and allow it to thaw at room temperature for about 15 minutes before serving. Wrapping it with plastic wrap before placing it in the fridge can speed up the thawing process. Once thawed, add a dollop of whipped cream and decorate with a maraschino cherry.

If you have leftovers that you cannot finish, this dessert freezes perfectly with zero negative impact on taste or texture! Simply store the leftover dessert (if there is any) in an airtight container wrapped with plastic wrap to help prevent freezer burn for up to one month.

This make-ahead frozen coffee crunch dessert is perfect for any occasion – whether it’s a romantic dinner or a summer barbecue with friends. The convenience of being able to prepare this recipe in advance makes hosting stress-free and allows more time to mingle with guests!

Tips for Perfect Results

 Satisfy your coffee cravings with this scrumptious dessert.
Satisfy your coffee cravings with this scrumptious dessert.

To make sure your Frozen Coffee Crunch Dessert turns out perfectly every time, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Use high-quality ingredients: The quality of the ingredients you use will affect the overall taste and texture of your dessert. Choose a good quality vanilla ice cream and strong instant coffee crystals for the best results.

2. Make sure the coffee is dissolved properly: In order to avoid a grainy texture, it’s important to dissolve the instant coffee crystals completely before adding them to the other ingredients. Mixing them with hot water will help ensure that they dissolve properly.

3. Choose your coffee carefully: The type of coffee you use can have a big impact on the flavor of this dessert. A dark, bold roast will provide a rich, intense flavor, while a lighter roast will have a milder taste.

4. Use the right amount of syrup: Corn syrup is one of the ingredients that gives this dessert its signature crunch. Be careful not to add too much or too little – 1/4 cup is just right.

5. Take your time when mixing: When adding the coffee mixture to the ice cream, be sure to mix it slowly and thoroughly. This will help distribute the coffee flavor evenly throughout the dessert.

6. Be patient when freezing: It’s tempting to want to dig into this delicious treat right away, but be patient and give it enough time to freeze properly. This will ensure that it sets up firmly and has just the right texture.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy a perfect Frozen Coffee Crunch Dessert every time!

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the frozen coffee crunch dessert recipe is a spectacular way to bring together the diverse flavors of coffee and crispy texture in a dessert. With its low-fat vanilla ice cream base, instant coffee crystals, and optional corn syrup, this dessert is not only delicious but also healthy for your body.

Moreover, the recipe presents a variety of substitutes that can be used to suit your preferences. You can swap out some of the ingredients like mocha coffee or praline crunch for more traditional components like oreo or chocolate cake. You may also easily adapt this recipe to create different desserts, such as frozen coffee crunch bars or creamy coffeehouse crunch cakes.

The added benefits include easy make-ahead, storing and reheating options that minimize time spent on preparation. Whether you are looking for a quick and easy treat for yourself or want to create an exceptional dessert to impress your guests, the frozen coffee crunch dessert is the perfect choice.

In summary, this recipe allows you to enjoy the rich and bold flavor of coffee in a unique and delightful way. So grab your whisk and get ready to indulge in the best frozen coffee crunch dessert you will ever have!

Frozen Coffee Crunch Dessert

Frozen Coffee Crunch Dessert Recipe

One word: NUMMY!!!
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Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine Coffee-based
Calories 126.7 kcal


  • 1 tablespoon hot water
  • 2 tablespoons instant coffee crystals
  • 1 quart healthy choice premium low-fat vanilla ice cream, softened
  • 8 chocolate sandwich style cookies, coarsely chopped
  • reddi-wip fat-free whipped topping (optional)
  • maraschino cherry (optional)


  • Add hot water to instant coffee in small cup; stir until dissolved. Place ice cream in medium bowl. Add coffee and chopped cookies; stir until well blended.
  • Spoon into 9-inch springform pan.
  • Freeze 4 hours, or until firm. Cut into 10 slices to serve. Garnish with Reddi-wip and cherries, if desired. Store leftover dessert in freezer.

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Serving: 72gCalories: 126.7kcalCarbohydrates: 19.7gProtein: 3gFat: 4.1gSaturated Fat: 1.9gCholesterol: 14.4mgSodium: 78.4mgFiber: 0.4gSugar: 15.1g
Keyword < 60 Mins, Dessert, Easy, Frozen, Healthy
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