Healthy & Delicious: No Sugar Iced Coffee Recipe

As a barista, I always strive to create coffee recipes that not only satisfy your cravings but also promote your health. That’s why I’m excited to share with you my recipe for a no sugar added iced coffee. This drink is perfect for those who want to enjoy the sweet and refreshing taste of iced coffee without the added calories and sugar.

With this recipe, you don’t need to rely on sweetened condensed milk or high-sugar syrups to make your coffee sweet. Instead, I’ll show you how to make a delicious and healthy iced coffee that you can enjoy guilt-free. My recipe features natural and low-calorie ingredients that won’t spike up your blood sugar levels but still deliver a rich and creamy taste.

Iced coffee is a beverage that you can sip throughout the day, especially during hot weather or when you need an energy boost. But traditional iced coffee recipes are often loaded with sugar or artificial flavors that can compromise your health goals. It’s time to switch things up and make your own iced coffee at home using this recipe.

Are you ready to learn how to make a sugar-free, refreshing, and healthy iced coffee? Let’s dive right into it!

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

No Sugar Added Iced Coffee
No Sugar Added Iced Coffee

Are you tired of sipping on sugary and calorie-laden iced coffee drinks? If so, I have the perfect solution for you! This no sugar added iced coffee recipe is not only delicious but also healthy. With this recipe, you can indulge in a refreshing and iced coffee experience without worrying about your sugar intake.

One reason why you will love this recipe is because it is completely sugar-free. By using unsweetened almond milk and sugar-free syrup, you do not have to sacrifice taste for health. The recipe ingredients include chilled coffee, 2% low-fat milk or Milk Coconut for the perfect creamy consistency, and vanilla syrup or sugar-free vanilla syrup for a hint of sweetness that won’t crash your diet.

Not only is it low in calories, but it is also easy to customize with your favorite flavors. You can try adding caramel or mocha flavoring without the added sugar; this free caramel mocha might blow your mind. Additionally, it’s easy to make ahead of time so you can enjoy a healthy glass of iced coffee whenever you like.

Whether you’re following a keto diet or just want a refreshing cold drink without added sugars, this iced coffee recipe is perfect for all the health enthusiasts out there. So, if you’re looking for a guilt-free and sugar-free alternative to your go-to Starbucks drinks or Mcdonalds sugar-loaded churro iced coffee, look no further than this recipe!

Ingredient List

 Cool down without the sugar rush with our No Sugar Added Iced Coffee recipe.
Cool down without the sugar rush with our No Sugar Added Iced Coffee recipe.

Before jumping into the recipe, it’s important to have all the ingredients on hand. For this sugar-free iced coffee recipe, you will need:


  • 2 cups strong coffee, chilled (preferably cold brew for less acidity)
  • 1/2 cup 2% low-fat milk (or almond, coconut, or any milk of your preference)
  • 1/4 cup sugar-free vanilla syrup or any flavored syrup you prefer
  • 1/4 cup sugar-free caramel syrup for a caramel-mocha flavor variation (optional)
  • 1/4 cup sweetened condensed milk for a creamy and rich texture (optional)
  • 2 cups ice
  • Whipped cream (optional)
  • Low calorie sweetener of choice, such as stevia or erythritol (optional)

Note that using unsweetened milk substitutes and skipping the sweeteners altogether will give you a zero-sugar added healthy iced coffee that is still satisfyingly sweet if you’re aiming for a keto-friendly, low-carb option. Don’t be afraid to play around with different flavors and adjust the sweetness level to your own taste preferences.

The Recipe How-To

 Perfect for hot summer days, this refreshingly delicious drink will leave you energized.
Perfect for hot summer days, this refreshingly delicious drink will leave you energized.

Now that we have our list of ingredients, let’s get started on making this No Sugar Added Iced Coffee recipe. Follow these simple steps to achieve a delicious and refreshing homemade iced coffee.

Step 1: Prepare the Coffee

Brew two cups of strong coffee using any method you prefer: cold brew or regular hot coffee chilled in the refrigerator. Once ready, pour the coffee into a large mixing bowl or pitcher.

Step 2: Add Milk and Sweetener

Add one cup of 2% low-fat milk or a milk alternative like almond or coconut milk to the mixing bowl with the coffee. You can also add sugar-free sweeteners like Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup or Sugar-Free Caramel Syrup for added flavor. Stir until well mixed.

Step 3: Chill the Coffee

In a separate glass, fill it with 1-2 cups of ice. Pour your coffee mixture over the ice and stir to chill well.

Step 4: Add Whipped Cream (Optional)

Top off with whipped cream for a creamy additional layer but keep in mind of added calories.

Voila! No Sugar Added Iced Coffee at your fingertips! This healthy and delicious drink is perfect for any time of day and can be customized to your liking with various substitutions and variations.

Substitutions and Variations

 Beat the heat with a cold cup of caffeine that won't give you the jitters.
Beat the heat with a cold cup of caffeine that won’t give you the jitters.

One of the best things about this no-sugar-added iced coffee recipe is that it’s incredibly versatile. There are a few substitutions you can make to customize your coffee exactly how you like it. Here are some options:

– Milk alternatives: If you don’t consume dairy, you can use almond milk, Milk Coconut or other non-dairy milk instead of 2% low-fat milk.

– Syrup substitutes: Sugar-free vanilla syrup is the go-to choice for most people when it comes to adding flavor to their iced coffee recipe. However, you can try using sugar-free caramel syrup or sugar-free mocha syrup. Or if you’re watching your calorie intake, french vanilla or cinnamon syrup can be used as a lower calorie option.

– Add-ins: For extra sweetness and crunch, consider adding a drizzle of sugar-free chocolate sauce or whipped cream on top of your iced coffee. Alternatively, you could add a flavored creamer like Mr. Brown French Vanilla or hazelnut creamers in place of the 2% low-fat milk.

– Cold brew: Instead of making hot coffee then letting it cool down before making your iced coffee recipe, use cold brew instead for a richer flavor profile. You should prepare your chilled coffee in advance to ensure that it’s ready to be used in your iced coffee.

No matter what substitutions or variations you choose, this no-sugar-added iced coffee recipe is incredibly adaptable and will work with nearly every ingredient you have on hand. Experiment with different combinations to find what works for you!

Serving and Pairing

 You don't have to compromise on taste to enjoy a low-sugar iced coffee.
You don’t have to compromise on taste to enjoy a low-sugar iced coffee.

This sugar-free iced coffee recipe is perfect for sipping on a hot summer day or anytime you’re in the mood for a refreshing drink without unnecessary sugar. The drink pairs well with a variety of food choices, making it ideal for any time of the day.

For breakfast, pair the iced coffee with some tasty croissants or other pastry items to awaken your taste buds and energize your mornings. Or, serve the drink as an afternoon pick-me-up alongside some healthy snacks such as fresh fruit or nuts.

For a more decadent pairing, opt for sweet treats like macarons or chocolate truffles to indulge in an afternoon delight. You can also add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to your cup of iced coffee for a delectable dessert experience.

The sugar-free aspect of this recipe makes it great for people who are trying to cut down on their sugar intake, make healthier choices, or follow a keto diet. In fact, this recipe is perfect for anyone who loves coffee and wants to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

So why not impress your guests with this delicious sugar-free iced coffee recipe at your next summer party or family gathering? They’ll love the flavor and appreciate that you went out of your way to serve them something that’s both healthy and delicious!

Make-Ahead, Storing and Reheating

 A healthier coffee option that doesn't skimp on the enjoyment.
A healthier coffee option that doesn’t skimp on the enjoyment.

This sugar-free iced coffee recipe can be prepared ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days. Once you’ve brewed the chilled coffee, mix in the sweetened condensed milk and low-fat milk as per the recipe instructions.

To store, pour the mixture into an airtight container and place it in the fridge. When you’re ready to enjoy your iced coffee, simply pour it over ice and add any additional flavors or garnishes that you prefer.

If you want to make a large batch of this healthy iced coffee recipe for a group of people or an event like a summer party or BBQ, you can easily double or triple the ingredients to suit your needs.

When it comes to reheating this iced coffee, you have two options: either reheat it on the stovetop or microwave it just until it’s warm. Keep in mind that if you choose to heat up your chilled coffee on the stovetop, be sure to stir it frequently so it doesn’t scorch on bottom.

However, we think cold brews like these are not meant for reheating since they are meant to be served cool. You can pour any leftover coffee into ice cube trays before freezing them to avoid diluting your next coffee. Simply pop a few cubes into your hot coffee for added flavor without watering it down too much.

Tips for Perfect Results

 Stay refreshed and focused for the day ahead with this quick and easy recipe.
Stay refreshed and focused for the day ahead with this quick and easy recipe.

To ensure that you get the best out of your sugar-free iced coffee, I have compiled some tips that will give you perfect results every time.

Firstly, when making iced coffee, it’s essential to start with strong coffee instead of regular or weak coffee. You want to make sure that the coffee flavor comes through even when it’s diluted with ice cubes and other ingredients. You can use cold brew coffee, French press coffee, or any strong coffee of your choice.

Secondly, avoid using ice cubes made from regular tap water. This might seem like a small detail but it can make a massive difference in the taste of your iced coffee. Instead, try using filtered water or boiled and cooled water to make your ice cubes.

Another tip is to use low-fat or plant-based milk if you’re trying to make a healthier version of the recipe. You can use almond milk, oat milk, or coconut milk instead of full-fat dairy milk or sweetened condensed milk.

If you prefer a sweeter flavor or crave some extra richness, sugar-free vanilla syrup or caramel syrup can provide an excellent alternative for sweetness without adding additional calories. However, be careful not to overdo it so as not to overpower the flavor of the iced coffee.

Lastly, you can top your iced coffee with whipped cream for some added luxury and indulgence. You can also sprinkle some cinnamon powder or drizzle chocolate syrup on top if you desire.

By following these tips and experimenting with different combinations of flavors and ingredients, you’re sure to create an amazing sugar-free iced coffee every time.


Now, let’s take a moment to answer some frequently asked questions about our No Sugar Added Iced Coffee Recipe. Whether you’re looking for information about substitutions or want to know how to make the recipe keto-friendly, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out more!

What can I use instead of sugar in iced coffee?

Adding flavor to your coffee can be an exciting way to enhance your morning routine. Some popular options include sprinkling cinnamon or unsweetened cocoa powder, adding extracts like vanilla or hazelnut, or using unsweetened vanilla almond or soy milk for a creamy texture. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could also try using coconut milk or coconut cream for a tropical twist. These simple additions can transform plain coffee into a gourmet experience.

How to make iced coffee sweet without sugar?

Want a less bitter coffee experience without the extra sugar? A dash of creamer, whether traditional dairy or a non-dairy alternative like almond milk, can do the trick. By lending a smooth and milky flavor, creamer can naturally dial down the bitterness for a more balanced, slightly sweet taste.

Can you drink iced coffee without sugar?

Absolutely! Coffee, tea, and espresso are inherently free of sugar without any added sweeteners. However, for those who prefer some sweetness in their beverage, there are zero-calorie sweeteners like Splenda available as an alternative to sugar. Using them provides an option to personalize the drink’s taste without adding extra sugar.

What is the best coffee to drink without sugar?

As a barista, I have tips for making a variety of coffee beverages to suit your taste. If you’re someone who prefers black coffee, you’ll be happy to know that even amidst the craze for flavored Starbucks drinks, a classic cup of black coffee still hits the spot. Meanwhile, if you want something a little more nuanced, a caffè misto is half coffee and half steamed milk, for a richer and creamier taste. And if you’re after a caffeine boost with a bolder flavor, a flat white might be more your style.

But if you’re looking for something that’s latte-like, a classic caffè latte is a safe bet, while a cappuccino will give you the balance of espresso and frothed milk that you crave. For those hot summer days, an iced coffee can be a refreshing pick-me-up, and nitro cold brew takes it to the next level with its creamy, velvety texture. And last but not least, there’s the Americano, which blends espresso and hot water for those who want a bit of both. With these tips and tricks, you can become a master of the coffee scene in no time!

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this no sugar added iced coffee recipe is perfect for those who want to enjoy their coffee without the guilt of added sugar. With simple and easy-to-find ingredients, you can easily whip up a healthy and delicious cup of iced coffee at home. The variety of substitutions and variations allow for customization to suit your taste preferences, making it a versatile recipe for all coffee lovers.

Say goodbye to the high-calorie iced coffee drinks from Starbucks or McDonald’s and say hello to a healthier version that still tastes amazing. Not only does it save you money in the long run, but it also helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing the joy of drinking coffee.

So why not give this recipe a try? With no added sugar and a plethora of flavors to choose from, it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Enjoy your homemade iced coffee guilt-free and feel good about fueling your body with healthy ingredients.

No Sugar Added Iced Coffee

No Sugar Added Iced Coffee Recipe

Just what you want on a hot day or with a BBQ. If you want an alcoholic drink add an oz of rum or rye or vodka. Please note you are not adding sugar but there is sugar in the sweetened condensed milk.
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Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 0 mins
Course Beverage
Cuisine Coffee
Calories 139.2 kcal


  • 2 cups strong coffee
  • 1/2 cup 2% low-fat milk (or regular if you prefer)
  • 1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk
  • 4 cups ice cubes
  • whipped cream, to garnish (optional)


  • Combine all the ingredients in food processor or blender.
  • Blend until smooth.
  • Top with a bit of whipped cream if you want to indulge.

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Serving: 424gCalories: 139.2kcalCarbohydrates: 22.3gProtein: 4.2gFat: 4gSaturated Fat: 2.5gCholesterol: 15.4mgSodium: 72.4mgSugar: 22.4g
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