Refreshing Iced Mocha: The Perfect Summer Coffee

Are you tired of your same old coffee routine? Want to spice up your mornings with something sweet and refreshing? Look no further than this delicious iced mocha coffee recipe!

An iced mocha is the perfect balance of creamy milk, rich chocolate, and bold espresso. This drink made with espresso, milk, and chocolate syrup served over ice, is not only easy to make but also a great alternative to traditional hot coffee drinks.

This easy homemade recipe combines cold brew concentrate, sweetened condensed milk, and milk chocolate syrup to create the perfect blend of flavors. Whether it’s a hot summer day or simply a desire for an indulgent treat, our iced mocha recipe has got you covered.

With just a few simple ingredients that you can easily find in your kitchen, you can make your favorite coffee house-style drink in the comfort of your own home. So why wait? Give this Iced Mocha Coffee Recipe a try today and get ready to enjoy the perfect blend of sweet and refreshing!

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

Iced Mocha Coffee
Iced Mocha Coffee

If you’re someone who loves a good iced mocha, then you absolutely must try this incredibly easy and delicious iced mocha coffee recipe! There are so many reasons why you’ll love making this recipe at home.

Firstly, it only requires a handful of simple ingredients that you probably already have at home, including strong coffee or espresso, milk, sweetened condensed milk, and chocolate syrup. No need to spend a fortune or make a special trip to the supermarket to buy any fancy ingredients.

Secondly, it’s incredibly versatile. You can easily customize this recipe to your liking by adjusting the amount of sweetened condensed milk or chocolate syrup that you add. You can also make it with cold brew coffee or even use a combination of coffee and espresso to create your own unique blend.

Thirdly, it’s perfect for hot summer days when you’re craving something refreshing and chocolatey. There’s nothing quite like sipping on an ice-cold glass of mocha coffee while soaking up the sun by the pool.

Lastly, making this recipe at home allows you to control the quality of the ingredients that you use. You can choose to use organic or ethically sourced coffee and milk, ensuring that your drink is not only delicious but also environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

In summary, with its easy ingredients list, customizable options, refreshing taste, and ethical considerations, there are so many reasons why you’ll love this iced mocha coffee recipe. So why not give it a try and impress yourself (and your friends!) with your barista skills?

Ingredient List

“Sipping on summer with this Iced Mocha Coffee”

Ingredients needed for the perfect Iced Mocha Coffee Recipe

To make an iced mocha coffee, you will need a few essential ingredients that will help create the perfect blend of sweet and bitter, hot and cold. The ingredients for this recipe include:
– 1 1/2 cup of brewed coffee or espresso
– 1/2 cup of whole milk
– 2 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk
– 1 tablespoon of chocolate syrup or milk chocolate syrup
– 1/3 cup of ice cubes
– Whipped cream (optional)

For those who prefer to use cold brew concentrate instead of brewed coffee or espresso; reduce the amount from 1 1/2 cups to 1 cup.

Don’t forget to prepare your tools ahead, such as a blender, a mason jar, a glass-stirring spoon, and ice cube trays.

The Recipe How-To

“Cool off with a caffeine kick”

Now that you have gathered all the ingredients, it’s time to brew and blend! Here’s how to make your very own Iced Mocha Coffee:

Step 1: Brew the Coffee

Prepare your coffee by brewing a strong coffee either through an espresso machine or by making cold brew concentrate. Use 2 shots of espresso or 1.5 cups of cold brew concentrate.

Step 2: Prepare the Chocolate Syrup

You can either make some chocolate sauce from scratch or use store-bought milk chocolate syrup. In a small bowl, stir together 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder, 2 tablespoons of very hot water, and 1/3 cup of milk chocolate syrup.

Step 3: Combine the Ingredients

In a blender, combine your brewed coffee or cold brew concentrate with the chocolate syrup mixture, ½ cup milk, and 1 tbsp sweetened condensed milk.

Step 4: Blend!

Add ice cubes to fill the blender, and blend until smooth. If you don’t have a blender on hand, you can use a mason jar instead – simply shake it until all ingredients are blended smoothly.

Step 5: Serve and Enjoy!

Pour your deliciously blended mixture into a tall glass filled with ice, then top it off with whipped cream and drizzle some more chocolate sauce on top. An easy homemade beverage that tastes just like cafe-bought!

Substitutions and Variations

“Chocolate and coffee in perfect harmony”

Let’s talk about how you can make this iced mocha recipe your own! There are endless variations and substitutions you can make to fit your unique taste buds. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

– For a dairy-free option, substitute the milk and whipped cream with almond milk or coconut milk.

– Want to turn up the chocolate flavor? Use dark chocolate syrup instead of milk chocolate syrup, and add a tablespoon of cocoa powder to the recipe.

– For a less sweetened version, skip the sweetened condensed milk and use regular milk instead. You can also reduce the amount of chocolate syrup used.

– Add a kick of flavor by incorporating flavored syrups such as vanilla, hazelnut, or caramel to your iced mocha recipe.

– Use decaf coffee for a less caffeinated version of this recipe.

– You can also try different types of coffee such as cold brew, brewed coffee, espresso or even instant coffee granules. However, keep in mind that the type of coffee used will alter the overall taste profile of your iced mocha.

There are countless variations you can experiment with to create your signature iced mocha recipe. Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with different ingredients until you find the perfect blend for you.

Serving and Pairing

“The perfect balance of sweet and bitter”

Welcome to the serving and pairing section of the iced mocha coffee recipe, where we’ll talk about the best ways to enjoy this flavorful drink. An iced mocha coffee is a versatile drink that can pair excellently with various foods or be enjoyed as a treat on its own.

If you are searching for savory homemade treats that perfectly complement an iced mocha coffee’s rich chocolate and coffee flavors, consider snacks such as hummus and pita chips, avocado toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, or fruit plates. These snacks enhance the overall experience of enjoying a velvety-smooth and refreshing iced mocha coffee.

Besides savory snacks, there are also some perfect sweet foods that complement this beverage. A delicious slice of cheesecake, chocolate cake, or warm cinnamon rolls create an excellent flavor balance with an iced mocha coffee.

An iced mocha coffee is suitable for any time of day, whether you’re looking for a morning energy boost or an afternoon pick-me-up. It pairs particularly well with breakfast items like croissants or muffins. The chocolate and coffee mixture adds a decadent touch to the pastries.

Another useful tip when serving an iced mocha coffee is presentation. You can get creative by adding whipped cream layers on top sprinkled with cocoa powder or garnishing with chocolate shavings to make it look fancier.

In conclusion: An iced mocha coffee is a versatile drink that pairs well with both sweet and savory foods. Whether you enjoy it as a treat on its own or pair it up with some delightful food bites, make sure to keep things fresh by exploring new flavors every once in a while!

Make-Ahead, Storing and Reheating

“A refreshing twist on your morning coffee”

The beauty of this iced mocha coffee recipe is that it’s easy to make ahead and store for later. You can prepare it the night before and keep it in the refrigerator, ready to serve in the morning. To do this, simply combine all the ingredients in a mason jar or a large container with a lid, and shake well to mix. Then, store it in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.

If you have any leftovers or want to make a big batch, you can store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. When you’re ready to serve, give it a good shake or stir to ensure that all the ingredients are well combined. You may also need to add some ice cubes if it has lost its chill.

Reheating is not necessary since this drink is supposed to be served cold. However, if you find that it has become too thick and syrupy after being refrigerated, you can thin it out by adding a little milk or coffee.

Overall, this iced mocha coffee recipe is perfect for busy mornings or lazy afternoons when you need a caffeine boost. It’s easy to make, store and reheat (if necessary), so you’ll always have a delicious drink at your fingertips.

Tips for Perfect Results

“Add some ice to your coffee game”

When it comes to making the perfect iced mocha coffee, there are a few tips that can help you achieve the best results. Here are some tips to make sure your iced mocha coffee is delicious each time you make it.

Firstly, for the best flavor and texture use whole milk in this recipe. Skim or low-fat milk doesn’t have enough fat to properly mix with the chocolate and coffee creating a watery drink.

Secondly, if you prefer your iced mocha coffee sweeter, you can add more chocolate syrup or sweetened condensed milk to your drink, adjusting sweetness to your taste. On the other hand, if you want less sugar in your drink, use unsweetened cocoa powder or opt for dark chocolate syrup as a substitute.

Next, take note of the type of coffee you are using. This recipe calls for brewed coffee, espresso or cold brew concentrate – choose the one which suits your preference best. For an even richer mocha flavor, swap out half of the strong coffee with brewed chocolate-flavored coffee.

For added convenience, brew or prepare your coffee ahead of time and allow it to cool completely before assembling your iced mocha. Using hot coffee can cause too much melting when poured over ice, leading to less than optimal taste and texture.

Finally, don’t be afraid to add a little extra whipped cream on top of your iced mocha! It’s not only a great way to achieve that cafe-style presentation but it also brings an extra layer of creamy texture and sweetness to balance out the bold flavors of chocolate and coffee.

By following these simple tips mentioned above, rest assured that you can create an indulging glass of iced mocha coffee right from home with ease and perfection!


As I’ve explained the details on how to make this mouthwatering iced mocha coffee recipe, you may still have some questions in mind. In this section of the article, I aim to address some of the most commonly asked queries that people have regarding the recipe. So, without further ado, let’s get into some frequently asked questions about making an irresistible iced mocha coffee.

What is in an iced mocha?

Crafting an iced mocha requires combining espresso, milk, and chocolate, all poured over a refreshing bed of ice. Its chilled composition is a twist on the classic hot mocha or mocha latte, which blends together espresso, steamed milk, and chocolate. The method of adding chocolate into an iced mocha may differ, with the popular choice at Starbucks being a sweet chocolate syrup.

Is iced mocha the same as iced coffee?

Different types of coffee have varying components and techniques for making them. For instance, an iced latte has more milk than other iced coffee beverages due to the latte ratios. An iced mocha, on the other hand, results from the fusion of coffee and chocolate syrup. Iced coffee and cold brew are examples of coffee varieties that are served over ice.

What makes a mocha coffee mocha?

Mocha coffee is essentially a blend of espresso and chocolate powder or syrup, topped off with milk or cream. The specifics of this beverage may differ depending on the region, however, its general composition is usually around 1/3 espresso and 2/3 steamed milk, making it a closely related cousin to the latte.

Does an iced mocha have coffee or espresso in it?

When it comes to iced coffee, there are a couple of popular options available with slightly different ingredients. The iced mocha involves a blend of brewed coffee, milk, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. On the other hand, the iced latte consists of espresso coffee and milk, with both coffees served over ice cubes for a refreshing finish.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this easy homemade iced mocha recipe is the perfect drink for coffee lovers who want a refreshing and cozy caffeine boost. With just a few simple ingredients and steps, you can craft your very own mocha masterpiece right from the comfort of your home.

With its delightful blend of espresso, milk chocolate syrup, and whipped cream on top, this iced mocha is one coffee recipe you won’t want to miss. So go ahead and try out this iced mocha recipe today for a delicious and refreshing treat that’s sure to satisfy your coffee cravings. Trust me; you won’t regret it!

Iced Mocha Coffee

Iced Mocha Coffee Recipe

This is a recipe adapted from a Taste of Home recipe. I make this as a syrup and store it in the fridge to add milk to whenever I want an iced coffee.
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Cook Time 5 mins
Course Beverage
Cuisine Coffee
Calories 149.5 kcal


  • 1 cup brewed espresso (could try strong coffee)
  • 1/2 cup instant coffee granules
  • 1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
  • 8 tablespoons chocolate-flavor Nestle Nesquik powder
  • 8 ounces milk, per serving
  • ice


  • Dissolve coffee granules and Nesquik powder in the hot brewed espresso.
  • Add the sweetened condensed milk and mix well.
  • Store this syrup in the fridge in a container that can easily be shaken.
  • When you are ready to serve, put ice and milk in a glass. Shake the syrup to mix it well, then add 3-4 tablespoons of the syrup (to taste) to the milk. Stir and enjoy!
  • I have also used this to make a blended drink by using more ice and less milk.

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Serving: 64gCalories: 149.5kcalCarbohydrates: 24.6gProtein: 4gFat: 4.1gSaturated Fat: 2.6gCholesterol: 15.4mgSodium: 81.6mgFiber: 0.2gSugar: 22.1g
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